/lɪp / (say lip)

1. either of the two fleshy parts or folds forming the margins of the mouth and performing an important function in speech.
2. (plural) these parts as organs of speech.
3. Colloquial impudent talk.
4. a lip-like part or structure.
5. Botany either of the two parts (upper lip and lower lip) into which the corolla or calyx of certain plants (especially the mint family) is divided.
6. Zoology
b. the outer or the inner margin of the aperture of a gastropod's shell.
7. Music the position and arrangement of lips and tongue in playing a wind instrument.
8. any edge or rim.
9. a projecting edge, as of a jug.
10. the crest of a wave which is starting to break, but is not yet curling.
11. the edge of an opening or cavity, as of a canyon or wound.
12. Carpentry the blade at the end of an auger which cuts the chip after it has been circumscribed by the spur.
13. relating to, characterised by, or made with the lips.
verb (lipped, lipping)
verb (t)
14. to touch with the lips.
15. Golf to hit the ball over the rim of (the hole).
16. to utter, especially softly.
17. Obsolete to kiss.
18. to affix lipping to the edge of (a door, board, etc.).
verb (i)
19. to use the lips in playing a musical wind instrument.
20. bite one's lip,
a. to show vexation.
b. to stifle one's feelings, especially anger or irritability.
21. button (up) one's lips or button the lip, to cease talking; keep quiet.
22. curl one's lip, to show scorn.
23. give someone lip, Colloquial to answer back rudely or insolently: *`Shut up,' he said. `And don't give me any lip. You mag too much.' –d'arcy niland, 1915.
24. hang on the lips of, to listen to very attentively or eagerly.
25. keep a stiff upper lip, to face misfortune bravely, especially without outward show of perturbation.
26. lick (or smack) one's lips,
a. to indicate one's appetite for or appreciation of food by, or as by, licking one's lips.
b. to anticipate or recall something with greedy pleasure.
{Middle English lip(pe), Old English lippa; distantly related to Latin labium, labrum}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

(of the mouth, etc.)

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